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Rust libraries



  • Glidesort - A Rust implementation of Glidesort. It is a novel stable sorting algorithm that combines the best-case behavior of Timsort-style merge sorts for pre-sorted data with the best-case behavior of pattern-defeating quicksort for data with many duplicates.

  • deflect - Reflection via DWARF.

  • pgx - Build Postgres extensions with Rust.

  • range_bounds_map - A BTreeMap-like data structure library where the keys are RangeBounds. Use case: storing intervals.

Programs and apps


Cross-platform, desktop UI:

System Frameworks

Frameworks and tools for building systems.

  • ractor - Rust actor framework use at WhatsApp. Inspired from Erlang's gen_server, with the speed + performance of Rust. WhatsApp was built on Erlang. They use both. ractor is running production workloads in WhatsApp today but Erlang is the "bulk" of WhatsApp concurrency model.
  • Inx Datacake - Tooling for creating your own distributed systems.

Web Frameworks




Rust and Node.js